The INASCRS Film Festival 2021

2.75 Mm Incision Scleral Fixation Iol Implant And Pupilloplasty

George Ade Novra Sitanaya, MD

Ab Externo Refixation Of Iol For In The Bag Subluxation

Muhammad Abrar Ismail, MD

An Extreme Traumatic Iridodialysis Repair

Yulia Damayanti, MD

Cataract Rhapsody" - The Journey Of Cataract Surgery In Leucoma

Indra Mahayana, MD

Cataract Surgery And The Use Of Artificial Iris Devices To Reduce Glare

Yulia Damayanti, MD

Cataract With Unstable Zonules

Inga Mulyani Dewi Santoso, MD

Challenging Management Phacoanaphylactic Glaucoma And Cataract Traumatic After Penetrating Trauma

Frisma Sagara Brilliyanto, MD

Double Rexis

Ahmad Thohir, MD

Evacuating Traumatic Dropped Lens From The Posterior Vitreous Followed By Iol Implantation By 4-flanged Intrascleral Iol Fixation

Muhammad Syauqie, MD

Hope In Sight : A Story Of Little Aisha

Lia Meuthia Zaini, MD

Human Ocular Thelaziasis: A Rare Case Report From South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Liem Meysie Kristi Harlimton, MD

Iris Hooks Are The Best Approach To Small Pupil

Upik Mahna Dewi, MD

Lasik Xtra

Zoraya Ariefia Feranthy, MD

Lenticule Extraction Through 0,8 Mm Incision (black Spots At Cap Side-cut Incision During Smile)

Harka Prasetya, MD

Lucky Me!

Ricky Edison Rooroh, MD

Optimizing Phaco Learning: Even A Pandemic Won't Stop You!

Hanifah Rahmani Nursanti, MD

Optimizing The Function Of Bimanual Irrigation And Aspiration Cannula On Phacoemulsification

Harka Prasetya, MD

Out Of The Dark

Yanuar Ali, MD


Siska, MD

Retropupillary Fixation Iris Claw

Sita Pritasari, MD

Safe Steps For Phacoemulsification Surgery With Multifocal Iol Implantation For Beginners

Widyandana, MD

Simple Explant Iol

Jamaluddin, MD

Simple Management Of Corneal Haze After Photorefractive Keratectomy

Sita Pritasari, MD

Telegin Technique Sklera Fiksasi

Devy Christofel Mandagi, MD

Using Ctr To Ease Out A Tough Cataract

Muhammad Edrial, MD